1000mg Flour Power

Grow A Grow B, Flower B, Bicilius, thuringinesis, israelensis, bacillus, amyloliquefaciens, trichoderma, hanatum, parafinic oil, potassium salts of fatty acids,... read more

25mg Body Scrub

Cake Batter Scurb-MCT Oil,Cake Batter Flavoring,Pink Food Coloring,Medical Cannabis,Hemp,CBD Isolate,Love read more

100mg Smores Single

eggs,cocoa powder, coconut oil, dates,beet sugar,GF flour blend(white rice flower), brown rice flour,potato starch,tapioca flour,xanthan gum, valilla, slat, baking powder,medical... read more

100mg Birthday Cake Cookie Bar

Honey-nut whole grain O’s cereal, Sweetened corn and oat cereal, Fruity rice cereal, marshmallow, vanilla, rainbow candies, pink and white... read more

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